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Full Version: What would you do?
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do everything i want and say goodbye to everyone.

WWYD if you heard on the news that I died?


i would be sad

wwyd if someone gave you $100
check to make sure if it's fake.

WWYD if a stranger came up to you and kissed you?
punch them in the throut lol

wwyd if i was mean to u



wwyd if you were the only one online
do wat im doin now... post on all of the games

wwyd read or watch



wwyd if i was not online


Well, post as if you were and possibly send you a PM.

WWYD if you found out that I had been kidnapped by your cousin's boyfriend's Mom?


i would yell at my cousin untill she did something

wwyd if the muffin man showed up at your house


Get muffins. Smile

WWYD if you accidentally ate koolaid powder?
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