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Full Version: What would you do?
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simple, just give a situation and ask what you would do. and answer questions too

you're bored but nobody is on simsforums! :'( what do you do?


go on the arcade

wwyd if you had no friends
Cry a lot. Maybe beg to be homeschooled so I didn't need any.

WWYD if you're mum or dad woke you up one morning and told you that you're moving to a different country in 2 hours?
:O idk it depends on what country, but mostly I'd yell at them and get mad. Tongue

WWYD if you woke up and someone important to you died?


depends how important  if you mean family  i would just go on the computer/tv as normal

wwyd if everyone in your family died  but you right now
I'd go insane.

WWYD if you died today?


be happy ghost

wwyd if i died today
Fill up the forum games. (jk)


WWYD if someone peed on you? (XD)


kick their butt

wwyd if you got put in jail for idk
find a way out

WWYD if you got banned?
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