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Full Version: 1,001 ways to save the Earth
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Well, I just got this book called 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth, and it's very ecoish. And I wanted to make a topic where we list our own ways to save our planet Smile And when we get to 1,001 we can ask for this to be locked, so we can look at our ideas every now and then. So just post a new idea for every reply.  Smile I'll get us started.

1: Turn of the computer at night. It wastes a LOT of energy if you leave it on overnight.
2. Turn off the light when you aren't using it. Smile

Great idea, Chanel! {yes}
3. plant a tree. it gives off oxygen and a potential home for hundreds of animals.

thanks Smile
4. Buy E-85 fuel. It's better for your car and the environment.

Big Grin
5. use rechargable batteries

lol Paul
6. Buy a hybrid car.

7. someone's trash is someone else's treasure. trade things like clothes, video games etc. with your friends


8. use window and candles
dont eat plants cuz it takes away homes for animals


10. Kiss Joe Jonas... oh wrong thing! {tongue} I meant recycle old paper.
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