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Full Version: can you...?
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simple just ask if you can do something and answer other questions. start with my question

can you make 100 posts on simsforums in one day?


yes, i did its when I was a 'n00b'.

Can you harmonize to a song without practice?

can you remember something after just seeing/hearing it once?

*Eternal Memory*

no, i always forget stuff

can you stand on your head

can you achieve anything if you put your mind to it?
yep ^^

can you read over 500 pages in a day?
probably not. {no}

can you go to bed whenever you want?
<3 summer, own room and the fact i'm 16

can you do handstands?

*Eternal Memory*

no  {no}

can you eat a wedding cake by yourself  Tongue
lol no {lol}

can you drive?
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