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Full Version: URGENT ! need help desperately!
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I'm working on a video for school that is due tomorrow. It's a 50's style instructional video and I'm in desperate need of music. There are 2 tracks I'm looking for specifically, from The Sims. "Mall Rat" and "Groceries." They're orchestral style tunes that sound just like they're from the 50's.

Anyway, I have not had the sims installed on my computer for quite some time now, and have NO idea where the discs are. If somebody could be kind enough to go into their Sims folder and find those 2 tunes for me, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

Please let me know asap.

i can look them up and send them to you via msn
That would be really great! kylerichards1@hotmail.com
whats your time zone and when do you need it done by?
cuz i have school and stuff so yeah
ill try and get it to you ASAP
Atlantic Time (Canada). It's 10:30 right now. I need them as soon as possible.
ok you are away on MSN but i will send them to you
just let me get them real quick
How did it go? Tongue
Doesn't look like that person is coming back...
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