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Full Version: About Teen-agers
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In the real world, Teenagers have to do chores, have clubs, join sports, etc. Why can`t they do that in TS3? It would be really cool don`t you think? Teen Sims and text and also babysit the next door neighbor`s baby for some extra simoleons? Teen sims can have acne problems also, braces, and other cool stuff!  {clap}
Teen sims are going to drive right? That would be cool, getting their permit!
Also I believe that instead of having babies, they can have woohoo you know? Why not, most teens do it?
I don`t think its a very bad idea.
So thank you for letting me share my ideas! Hopefully EA reads my idea and that way they add it into the game. Big Grin
And its doesn't have to have everything like i said about the teen stuff
they can add some stuff?
Those are some great ideas. The texting one is a great idea. So stereotypical and cartoony!
But to be honest, if they payed this much attention to just teen Sims, they would have to add in a lot of things for other age groups, too.
I agree with chanel on this, more interactions and stuff is always fun but, unless they did more stuff for other groups, I doubt they would put a lot of detail into just this one age group.  Maybe some more things like what you describe will appear in EP's later on.
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