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Full Version: ideas for jobs
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I know they have all the main jobs but i thought these could be some ok alternatives because there isnt enough to choose from to keep everyone happy:

Professional sports player and then have the sport venues as their work places

Rubbish man where you drive a truck around picking up everyones trash and then you can have rubbish days and a chore for your teens to put the rubbish bin out, but instead of the normal bin a wheely bin that you can move and make a shed or keep in the garage.

Movie star, you can makes movies at a studio and have the premieres at the movie theatre and a red carpet like the rock stars can go on

Lucky last...

I got this idea from the rock star. If you get to the top of a career (eg rock star) you can by a community lot and build a recording studio so then you 1. have your own business 2. have other musician career sims go and record their music.

I know thats a long shot but its just an idea.
I like those ideas. what about psychology? And if or when they bring a pets Ep out, they can add more jobs like doggy daycare, dog grooming, pet salon, etc...

Earth Mama

I've always hoped that they would introduce the teaching career. But they didn't.

I would make more sense. Kids go to school, but who are the teachers who give them homework? There should be some sims involved in that, don't they? Smile
I would like to see a:
rubbish man,
I want to see NPC Jobs such as Repair Technician, Repo Man, Social Worker, ETC.

And new jobs such as
School Councilor
A SWAT branch in the Police Career
And a Caterer.
The CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.
There's some mods around where you can alter the details of the existing jobs to suit yourself, and a few others that can be added (eg. Assassin!)

Earth Mama got her wish with the Ambitions expansion pack TongueTongueTongueTongueTongue
We should have things like Actor & Singer, the Singers can go on a world tour and perform in the three WA places. The concert outcome is determined by what their mood is. There should be a singing skill too. To go on World Tour, they need to be at level 10. Level 1 is like... singing at nightclubs for minimum wage o:

For Actor, they could be in movies and they could watch their own movies on tv.

But there is an Acting career, when you reach the level 6 "split" in the Film Career.

Hear ya on the music career though, which could be a lot broader (as could the instruments. No saxaphones? @#*%£$?!!!!!).

What would be ace would be if you could record singles and albums just as you can write books, and once a week there would be the Sims music singles charts and you'd hear where your single was in it (getting a positive moodlet if it was going up or a Top 10 hit, a big moodlet if it was Number One, and negative if it went down, left the chart or was a flop)
Billboard Hawt 100
I have some more ideas too

1. Britney Spears
2. Rod Humble
3. A hippie that holds up signs all day saying PRAY FOR JAPAN
4. Britney Spears
5. A circus clown
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