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Full Version: Ask me anything! game
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I decided to make a game/Truth revealer out of Jen's (magick) post
so its a "Get to know me and every1 else that posts game"

I'll ask a question
and you respond then
ask your own question
then the next poster will answer

For ex:

Me:What's your real name
Magick:Jen, How old are you
OR if i dont reply
anomynous:12,Do you still play the sims 2?

I hope the person who's been asked a question can respond but any1 can respond
so i'll start Smile

Do you still play the sims 2?
Nope. Don't have it.
Have you ever won anything?
Like a trophy? yes
but i have won a school spelling bee in the 4th grade Smile

What's your favorite amusement park?
I don't usually ride them.
Do you get sea sick?
no but i get car sick

do you get car sick?
Do you like Family Guy?
Where do you live?
you didnt answer the quesstion

I live in LA,Athens part
You didn't ask a question, lol.

I live in Texas.

What color is your hair?
black, atm.

Do you like taking quizzes?
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