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Hello eveyone! Big Grin

Hi Niall, I'm Niall Big Grin
Another Niall? {blink}

First one I have ever meet! XD
Now I know two Niall's!

You and this other boy down the road!

Where are you from? I bet it's Ireland cause I'm from Ireland!
Hello Niall and welcome to the forums! Wink If you haven't already, I suggest you read the Rules & Guidelines of the site to familiarize yourself with how things run around here! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM anyone of our mods (Bambi, Bat, and Mike), our administrator Matt, or anyone of our wonderful members!

Also, try checking out our sister sites:

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Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay! We are glad to have you. Smile
Omg this is cool!

Wheee...2 Nialls! Big Grin
Big Grin

Mike: Niall's really cool!
Niall's: Which one of us?

Next, we'll have 27 Somayea's XD.
I'm Scottish but have strong Irish connections! Big Grin

Thanks for the welcomes! {clap}
Oh cool, I'm Scottish too! (:

Forgot to say, welcome to the forums! XD
Cool! Big Grin

Thank you!
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