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Full Version: Hey everyone =]
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I hate curry.
(24-01-2010 08:47 PM)αнмє∂ι¢ιηє link Wrote:I hate curry.

Lol, Why? {ohmy}
I actually don't know anyone who doesn't like curry. Now I do. Strange. But then again, people call me strange for not liking chips, so I wont shun you. Tongue
I don't know why don't like curry rofl
I like Chinese though! Wink
Stop it. I'm trying to be healthier from now on, thinking about Chinese food ain't going to help. Tongue

...fried beef... {drool}...

I love Egg Fried Rice...and Chicken Fried Rice. I have to wait until Friday until I get another Chinese...Sad Awk, Cassie! Don't be healthy!!!!! LOL I wouldn't actually be able to do that...:|

I'm having a big fast food fest in April, I'm inviting all my friends, they are staying for the week, and we're just gonna live off fast food. Needless to say, I won't be leaving the house that week XD

EDIT; Typo.
Yeah, but you stay skinny anyway. I've kinda put on a lot of weight over Crimbo which I need to lose. So goodbye fried chicken and crispy beef! *sobs*

LOL. That basically describes me entire week this week. Because I've been ill, I craved a lot of crap. So I've sat about doing nothing and ate junk. What a start to my New Years resolutions! xD

I went to the shop earlier today and tried to buy a bunch of healthier chiz to set me off tomorrow anyhoo.
Breakfast = Wheetabix with 1 chopped banana, an apple and a glass of water.
Lunch, just taking a homemade bacon and mayo sandwich to work like I always do.
And dinner, jacket potato with cheese and beans.

I like all those foods, so it's cool. It's cutting out the 2 chocolate bars I like to scoff down that's going to be hard to cut out. -_-

I hope you survive that fast food fest. Sounds... greasy. Wink
Chicken and bamboo :3
Friday is the only day I eat out (it's when I go out with my family) unless I go out with my friends and we end up just eating sandwiches cause the chinese at the mall is terrible. I like this fancy restaurant called Peking but I doubt any of my friends would like to go there cause it's kinda expensive so I have to wait until Friday so I can go with my family, that is if they all agree they want to eat there D:
sorry, I'm the last person in saying hi Tongue
Well I guess I'll introduce myself in here too, I'm Alisha. Welcome Smile
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