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Full Version: Hey everyone =]
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Hey both of you lol, better late than never xD
I read the whole thread! lol XD

I never have eaten curry in my whole entire life. I have a friend who is Indian and he never told me about Curry. Never tasted Indian food either. OMFG, I love Chinese food & Thai food. They're the bomb!
I go to Panda Express usually and buy me some Chow Mein, with Orange chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, Beijing Bief, Fried Rice, and what not! I LOVE BOBA THAI ICE TEA! OMG. Don't even get me started with Asian foods lol.
I think I've tried curry xD
I seriously can't remember half of my cultural's food Tongue
I love Fish n Chips. I've never tasted Jamaican food. lol. I like Italian food. Try Middle Eastern food, it's the bomb! I love shish-kabobs lol. I have some Armenian friends & they're food is the bomb XD Tongue.
I like shish kebabs too, and just about any kebab, even though they're beyond unhealthy. xD

Fish n Chips, no way.

I like Chinese food. I had some yesterday too. Tongue
And Italian. And Thai.
Not big on Indian. Haven't had an Indian curry in years and years.
Have any of you guys ever heard of Panda Express?
XD I was wondering how it got to Panda Express Steven

Hey Billy! Welcome, I'm Niall :3
Lol XD
heyy all.. have a goodtime
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