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Full Version: Hey everyone =]
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LOL. 'tis kay.
But you should really read the book. Tongue
All of them!

Me & Sam [Bonnie^^] are going to the premiere this year for DH part 1. =]
OOOH lucky :O I might make some of the characters on TS3 if i remember tomorrow =]
I'm terrible at making lookalikes, so I just download them. Tongue
Good luck though, if you do make them, post them up on the TS3 section. :]
And we'll take pictures/videos from the premiere, so that's a reason for you to stick around and see. Even though the premiere isn't until November, but shoosh. {rolleyes}
OMG Novembers aaaages away :/
Yeah, ikr. =[
Hey, I have been in the same room as Tom, Matt, Evanna and Jessie though [or, in movie speak, Draco, Neville, Luna and Lavender]. Wheeee. =]
And in November, I am going to pounce on Rupert. POUNCE I TELL THEEE.
Remember to take a bag or something to steal him in =]
(24-01-2010 01:43 AM)Elaphe link Wrote:hey =]

You like the 15th Sam i know now, congrats =]

You mean the 15th to welcome you? Ooohers. Haha.
Yesh, I can't wait to go to London. Hehe. OMG, I totally forgot about Bonnie & the Trio. x3
I meant your the 15th Sam ive met ever =D
Ohh. xD
You've met 15 Sam's. Geesh.
Haha. That's awesome. ;3
I still hate you Cassie cause you saw Tom! D:
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