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Full Version: Hey everyone =]
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Fish and chips :O
Wow 5 pages already. Big Grin
Welcome to Simsforums, Billy! I'm Ahmed
Hey Ahmed =D
Fish and chips practically defines Britain, and I hate both fish AND chips. {rolleyes}
:O :O weirdo! xD

Though im not a huge massive fan of fish and chips, i prefer curry =]
I had a curry last Friday.
You prefer Chinese or Indian?
Don't really like Indian, love a good Chinese though. Big Grin
I am a curry obsessive.

Me on the phone, ordering;
'A chicken curry, a beef curry, curry fried rice and a carton of curry, please.'

I'm not exaggerating. XD
I prefer Indian =]

You forgot curry powder :O
Never get that. XD
I like it gooey and greasy. Like heart attack on a plate.

I'm gonna make my own Thai curry tonight. =]
yumm i love heart disease food =] i have it probably once or twice a week xD

om nom nom
Oh mah god! I love Chinese and Indian. They are amazingggg. I have one every week, it's like heaven. I really want a kebab right now actually, I was going to have one on Friday, but then I decided I wanted curry from the Chinese instead. Mmm...If I could live off that, I would.
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