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Full Version: Would You Rather?
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i think that we all know this game..... lol.

would u rather kill a chicken or lick penut butter off of a hobo's foot?


comm'on all........ no replies?
Kill a Chicken ....

Would you rather sleep in a bed of live snakes or eat 5 dozen live snails



type in standard or sims 3?

would you rather be homeless and live on the street, or have your true love die in a fire?
homeless on the street, hands down

would you rather: win the lottery and be eternally shunned and hated, or live stupidly poor but be surrounded by friends

Would you rather get stung by 50 bees, or eat 10 live cockroaches.

Would you rather: give your last dollar to the needy, or take someones last dollar by force?
they changed ***k roach it idiot? haha.


I would probably take.. =o


Would you rather live a lie or always be lied to?
Always be lied to.

Would you rather live alone on the moon or live alone underwater?
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