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Full Version: OFB
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It has probably been said a million times but today I stumbled across it again. I WANT Open For Business for sims 3!!!!!!
I think it would add so much into the game like: creating challenges to make the best restaurant in the shortest time
AND you wouldn't have load an area to go to your business because of the seamless neighborhood.

Yeah I just had to get that out there
I havn't played OFB in sooo long Sad
It worked originally for me and then I rebooted my computer and tried to re-install it and it never worked.
So basically it was one of my favourite EP's and I havn't played it for 3 years. *cry*
But yes, although I don't play sims anymore I would love to see OFB recreated.
I never liked it that much, but I can see why everyone else wants it. I think the Ambitions expantion pack is a little like Open for Business
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