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Full Version: Teens as adults
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How many days does it have to be when your teens will be the same as adults? Meaning like don't have to goto school anymore. I noticed in 7 days teens can move in with another person but if you want them to not goto school then how many days does it have to be? I tried looking this up but can't find it it only says when they are 18 they don't have to goto school for the InTeenimater.
I guess some websites say in 3 days left to adult but is that true? Or do I have to do something to make that work?
Ok it seems like even in 3 days left still teens have to goto school. Is there a way I can make it soo teens around 3 days left don't need to goto school anymore? I hope it's not that hard to do this.

You could always find a mod.  Sadly I don't know of any.
I did see some site that someone said if you don't put certain files from the InTeenimater folder then you can have it as 3 days in teen can do what adults do. But I don't know if that's true. I really need help on this.  Thanks
I'm not sure on this one. As I always have my Teens go to School up until the end, or until I send them to college. Though, logically, a Teen can miss so many days in a row before Social Services steps in if I recall, so it would make sense that you could have them miss that many days prior to being an adult. I can test this out if you like, though I am not sure when I can get the answer to you :3 Tomorrow perhaps?
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