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Full Version: I Hate The Nanny
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My boyfriend made characters based on us for fun. Big Grin

They had just had their first baby and went back to work so they got the nanny in. The nanny caused a fire in the kitchen and let it burn without ringing the emergency services (who would hire a nanny that did that?).

When the woman got home she tried to extinguish the fire but ended up on fire and eventually, dead. The nanny ignored that but then before the husband got home ended up setting herself on fire, she ended up dead and the entire kitchen was in ashes but luckily baby was on the opposite side of the house and was fine. This was immediately after the mother got a promotion to intern and the baby was only a day old.

I hate the nanny!

The Nannies are stupid. Thanks for leaving my kid on the floor you wicked old witch...
i know this thread is probly dead but i totally agree i hate the nanny as well i Ended up creating sims of me and my ex and i did i storyline with that and i had to work the nanny started cooking and started a fire and left my baby on the floor in front of the stove that was on fire and went to go clean up a puddle thank god i had a fire alarm installed
Just wait until you try having Bonehilda in your house - utterly useless at childcare if you have a DJ booth in the house, she's too busy giving it Old Skool to do anything.

oh wow that sucks i have never had a dj booth in my house
Ha! Yes, the nanny in TS2 was a nightmare. I only ever called for a nanny as a last resort. Then the silly woman (did anyone ever get a male nanny - all mine were female as far as I can remember) would spend the day emptying my sim's fridge and watching TV, just barely doing enough to keep the kids alive, then throw a strop if you fired her and wail like banshee like she was going to terribly miss the kids she'd been ignoring all day. Rubbish!
i know she is horriable
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