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Far Cry 4's ending (Warning! Contains spoilers!)
04-01-2015, 11:28 PM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2015 11:29 PM by Minty.)
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Far Cry 4's ending (Warning! Contains spoilers!)
Forgot to mention I completed Far Cry 4. My resolve broke & I decided to finish it to see what happened. Later I went back to see all the other ways it could happen.

Had you been collecting the diary entries of your dad, listened to some of the conversations of the locals, as well as dealing with the two feuding Golden Path leaders plus the unwilling girl destined to be their new Dalai Llama or whatever she was, you may have picked up the subtle clues that everything wasn't quite as straightforward as it seemed - especially when he tells you where his most "loyal" deputy is so you can kill her off, having second guessed she was secretly plotting to oust him because she thought he'd gone "soft".

The game's theme song, The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" also offers a subtle clue as to the plot. If I go there will be trouble
an' if I stay it will be double
could almost be the story of Pagan Min.

After all the slaughter, you get nasty Pagan Min back in his mountain top palace where the fun all began, & he gives you the option to wipe the slate & have that Crab Rangoon he offered you to eat while he was busy torturing your tour guide (who turned out to be a Golden Path agent) before going off to scatter your mother's ashes.

If you choose not to blow his head off, he's good as his word. It turns out you were on the mountain your mother asked you to take her to since the start, & mum's ashes are duly deposited in a little shrine next to her daughter, who is your half sister, Lakshmana - which wasn't the name of the mountain like you thought. Your dad killed your ten year old half-sister because Pagan Min was her dad (this is apparantly what sent Min kill crazy, although as he says it became nothing more than an excuse to be a nasty mass murderer)

He also tells you that you are now the king, but that he's keeping the helicopter, & promptly buggers off. Leaving you to discover the hard way that the Golden Path were every bit as nasty as Pagan Min's mob without needing any outside mercenaries to help them.

If Amita is the Golden Path leader, she proves to be every bit as evil & vicious as Pagan Min, destroying "superstition" & conscripting one member of every family into service to the Golden Path to ensure loyalty. There is also the horrible implication that poor Bhadra - the girl chosen to be Kyrat's spiritual leader whether she liked it or not - has been murdered. You are told coldly she has been sent away where she cannot be a rallying point for Kyrat's (read the Golden Path's) enemies.

If Sabal is leader, he's merrily doing some religious sanctions mass slaughter of Golden Path members who backed Amita, slitting their throats in front of Bhadra to "cleanse" Kyrat, promising plenty more.

In both cases, the tone is that you are now surplus to requirements, & that you're going to either have to leave, or like Pagan Min said, kill the last Golden Path leader.

If you chose to blow Pagan Min's head off, you never get to lay your mother's ashes or the truth about your dad & the war, & Kyrat is still doomed to be screwed over by either Anita or Sabal's own brand of madness, a land where those with guns will continue to rape & enslave the locals as they please simply because they can & because there's always an outside government willing to sell them the arms to do so.

Not a happy ending, but it is the best one since Far Cry 2.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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