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Original Xbox - Paul Holder & Jeb Tortsen
29-05-2013, 08:27 AM
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Original Xbox - Paul Holder & Jeb Tortsen
I've been reading a lot of CreepyPastas lately so apologies if I seem a little skittish (because this sounds exactly like the start of one), but in the original Xbox version of The Sims 2, I deleted all the default Sims to replace them with my own. My two female Sims are still getting phone calls from male voices that sound friendly at first but always upset them almost as soon as the conversation gets going, and I clicked "Throw Party" to see what would happen, only to have two default FEMALE Sims (like the defaults from Generate Female Sim) appear, with the names Paul Holder and Jeb Tortsen. I managed to kick them out because quite frankly they were giving me the shivers. Random note: Paul didn't flush the toilet after using it.

I've only found one thread on a forum pertaining to them, and a mention or two on YouTube (one of which stating that they can't be married, but I haven't tried as I haven't seen them since the party where they were the only guests). But no one seems to know who or what Paul & Jeb are. I think they must be bits of code, extra Sims to fill in-game parties or such. But then it wouldn't make sense that they keep calling my two Sims on the phone. They never visit & I never see them walk past the house, only the one time I tried Throw Party, and I'm really weirded out right now so there's no way I'm clicking it again. They just keep calling every now & then to talk to my Sims and upset them.

Who or what exactly are they? Were they named after staff members? Do they have a specific function or role?
Any information on Paul & Jeb would be greatly appreciated.
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29-05-2013, 04:13 PM
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RE: Original Xbox - Paul Holder & Jeb Tortsen

I have to admit I have zero clues. Nope, not a single clue!
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05-06-2013, 03:10 PM
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RE: Original Xbox - Paul Holder & Jeb Tortsen
Not at all sure... I myself have never encountered them in all the years i played the console version.
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