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Some music.... Created by me
15-06-2014, 04:15 PM
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Lightbulb Some music.... Created by me
Even though i apologise i havent created much action by myself in this cool forum, hopefully this post will fix some of my blame Smile
Anyway, i substituted most of my free time to some music production, which im taking quite big interest in atm, and decided to share it with you guys as still being part of this community Smile
So lets begin!

My 1st ever track released on new years eve after more than 2 months production, maybe not as well produced, but i will always be proud of it Smile
Genre: atmospheric drum n bass
(might be quiet due to my lack of incompetence choosing right format when uploading track to youtube so turn up the volume! (soundcloud link in the description for better quality)

Another one created 2 months later for one special girl on valenties day (still working on her Big Grin) some say its my best track atm
Genre: Chillout

Ambitious attempt at cinematic music, like Thomas Newman Smile
Genre: Cinematic

And the last one freshly made to greet the best season of the year
(also imho best produced so far)

More coming soon! (planing to release at least 8 more tracks this year)

So thats it. Hopefully you liked at least one of them, dont forget to share your opinion whether its like or rage Smile
ANd if any of songs was super cool to ya, u can share it yourselves on the net Smile
Big love,

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16-06-2014, 08:48 AM
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RE: Some music.... Created by me
Hi strTC - wow, a musician! I will stick my big headphones on and have a listen to your tunes later in the week when I have a bit of time off.

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