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Happy New Year!
31-12-2014, 11:43 PM
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Wink Happy New Year!
I hope everyone is having a good New Year's Eve or a Happy New Year (depending where you live)!
I will be spending my New Year's Eve at home lounging around! Egyptiandance
What are your plans for this holiday?
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01-01-2015, 11:52 AM
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RE: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

I spent the evening in the normal way, watching telly and eating leftover Christmas chocs. To compensate for such gluttony I also ate three oranges and a bunch of grapes. Absolutely loads of fireworks went off at midnight and didn't seem to stop for about an hour. It was so loud! Unfortunately that set off a lot of car/house alarms. It was a noisy one but I was quite happy lounging about at home rather than being outside in the frost. I used to quite like partying all night at new year when I lived in Scotland - it seems so much more fun up there - down here it's just a slalom of puking drunks and trying not to have some pesky kid aim a firecracker at your head. Biggrin

Tasks for today: make a giant vat of chilli con carne, check online that I am registered to vote, hopefully a bit of time for a game or reading. Seems a good way to start the new year. Oh yeah, and hang up my new calendar. It has got cats on it. Yes
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02-01-2015, 12:41 AM
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RE: Happy New Year!
Happy new year everyone, bucketing rain up here & everyone who phoned us was unintelligible because their lines were flooded - except for my relatives in Ireland, strange enough.

It was very quiet up here, not the usual fireworks going off all around us. I'm wondering if the ebola hysteria was keeping a lot of people at home, remembering the paranoia that set in after the Glasgow Airport bad suicide bombers years ago.

I am now officially sick of turkey & will happily miss it for another 12 months! Sick


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02-01-2015, 10:57 AM
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RE: Happy New Year!
I'd like to chase all those ebola hysterics with a big stick!
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