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New Traits Topic
17-01-2010, 07:38 PM
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New Traits Topic
Well, I figure its been awhile since any ideas have popped up so here goes... xD
Also the last trait thread is old so yeah.

New trait ideas:

These sims always look their best, take the longest showers known to sim, and never miss the opportunity to take a pictures of themselves. They work out and diet as much as possible and Make-up is a huge necessity to some.

These sims LOVE to find others flaws, but they never seem to find their own flaws. They let others know how they feel and other sims dont seem to like that especially if they've got the same problem.

Note: I know that isnt a good definition of Hypocrite but I thought it'd be fun to add some stuff to it. xD

I LOST MY SIGNATURE! No, Really I did. Sad

[Image: 2gy7r10.jpg]

And now you've got it back, along with your Kurt Cobain avatar! ;P
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18-01-2010, 03:03 PM
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Re: New Traits Topic
I like. {yes}
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19-01-2010, 09:44 PM
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Re: New Traits Topic
Stupid trait (clash with genius)

Animal lover

Meat eater (clash with veggi)

Neutral ( clash with good and evil)

Chaotic (class with lawful) - Does whatever they please, ignore rules.
Lawful (Clash with chaotic) - always helps others, never does anything wrong

[Image: qSLM.gif]
[Image: ouqg.gif]
[Image: r1dh.gif]
[Image: pdnH.gif]
[Image: cfeE.gif]
[Image: Cir3.gif]
[Image: 7lCq.gif]
[Image: 0MWV.gif]
][Image: jqKB.gif]
<br />[Image: cat-ball.gif]
<br />[center][Image: SybilTrelawneySignature.jpg]
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