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Cool and Fun ideas for the next big Sim Game!
10-07-2011, 05:49 PM
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Cool and Fun ideas for the next big Sim Game!
Howdy folks!

I'm looking to compile a long list of fun and sim worthy ideas for cool and fun new Simulator Games. A user generated list of whatever you would like to see as a sim game in the future! Be as creative as you like!

Here's a few ideas to get us started:

- Telecom Simulator: I know it exists somewhere but it got some negative feedback so i'd really like to see a full-on sim with clever management and strategic campaigns.

- Tower Simulator: Skyscraper simulator is already available but i would like a better version of it. Like the ability to create a tower from a mere 6 story building up to a 110 floors mega vertical city! Control security, shops business and residence allocations, build parking spaces, heli pads, hanging gardens, allow studio production houses to use your tower to film their action sequel! Smile

- The Simpsons Simulator: (?) Some might say yeah u could do the same in Sims3 and just create the characters yourself. But it takes ages to sculpture the personalities for a perfect Simpson character, and until they do, they're already grown up. What if we could control the lives of this dysfunctional, hilarious family we all grew up to love! Find out what happens to Bart when he leaves home and startup a band, or Lisa becomes the president of the United States.. even watch how Maggie grows up! hihi..

- Television/Studio Simulator: I really dunno if this exist already (besides the existing but limited The Movies franchise) but here's an idea anyway. To create your network of television stations and build your way up to become the next media mogul! From shooting in-studio TV series to acquiring broadcast rights and channel grid management. Pretty cool ey?

- Ship cargo simulator? A more in-depth airline simulator? (not just graphs and maps), Pentagone simulator? (lol), Casino simulator? Green city simulator?

Jump in folks.. this is experimental and wanted to see where could our imagination lead us to.. maybe someone will hear us?
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11-07-2011, 06:15 AM
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RE: Cool and Fun ideas for the next big Sim Game!
Hello and welcome Smile

They already have a tower simulater made by Maxis called "Sim Tower", but it's very old and in 2D. They haven't' made a newer 3d version yet, that sucks Sad

But the other ones are just as cool ideas! I've been thinking about an aviation related Sims 3 expansion pack.. Smile
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11-07-2011, 12:28 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2011 12:30 PM by simvids.)
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RE: Cool and Fun ideas for the next big Sim Game!
Thanks Smile

Hey you never know.. if we shout loud enough they might hear us one day!
Aviation and Sims3? now that sounds like a perfect combo! I love both worlds so it'll be the ultimate game.

There are already existing Sims 3 travel related packs, but i think you mean a more in depth airline simulation game? a brilliant one was Airline tycoon but they haven't released any updates.. i'd love to see one in full 3D where u can actually walk in the galley of ur own aircraft or airport lounge! Visit New planes to purchase and check them out from the inside, etc.
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