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Full Version: WHERE DID MY SIMS GO?!?!?!_>>>...I need help...<<<
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I've been playing the Sims ever since my older sister got it many years back. I recenly made a very successful neighborhood that I was quite proud of. I took one of my sims out on a date then when I came home, I couldn't get back into live mode. it was only buy and build mode. I exited the house and went to the neighborhood. It started loading some of my expansions as if I had just installed them. I quit the game then started it up again in hopes it would fix itself. When I hovered over some of my Sims' houses, it would give me the price and didn't have the Sim's family name or Sims' pictures; as if no one lived there. I clicked on one of my sim's houses and it started loading the hot date and vacation expansions. After they finished loading, my Sims weren't there. Their furniture (and even garbage) were still sitting around but my Sims themselves are nowhere in sight. It only had build and buy mode again. My neighborhood had become a ghost town How do I fix this? I have never made a neighborhood so successful before!
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