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Full Version: Does anyone still play The Sims 1?
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I was just wondering.
I do sometimes.
Well, when I'm really bored and can't play The Sims 2 for whatever reason, I do.

Feels kinda weird though.
But hey, Old Skool rules!

- //ƒЯε@κziiLLa\\ -
i do when i can.
i haven't even put the sims 1 on my new computer, i'm not planning on it.
i hate there not being as many cheats in sims 1.  Tongue
but its still kinda fun to go back to the old days.  Wink


yep cos i just like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have TMNT skins for my guys so I love watching them doing weird things. I make one ninja turtle fall madly in love...
the others can clobber each other. bummer there's no splinter skin though

there's no Sims2 skins for the turtles so it's not that big o deal to me
H3ll, I'm a Sims original fanatic!!
i'll usually save that game for a rainy day....
i;m all about what's new and has the best features...
and between the sims2 and sims1 obviously...
sims2 has my vote.
Defenitly, but I still love TS1
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