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Full Version: Problem starting the Sims 3 Launcher
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Every time I click on the Sims 3 launcher, it says "problem starting sims 3 launcher. please check the log" or something about a log. Where do I find the log?
Ignore it - the Sims 3 launcher gets screwy every so often after they've patched it! Don't worry, they fix it eventually. Windows 7 in particular doesn't appear to like the launcher very much.

Always run your game directly from C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3.exe and avoid using the Launcher as much as possible. It's been screwed up from day one and both TSR & MTS have created alternative systems for launching the game from, but you don't need them.

If you need to upload a Sim or whatever into your game, double click on the Sims3Pack and let the game boot it up automatically. For some reason it seems to be less troublesome when you do this.

Are you needing to use the launcher to put the patches in, or to load up new Sims3Packs into your game? Remember that you now need that dumb Origin launcher in your system now as well for patches and the like, which is a separate download if you don't have it already.
OMG... I've been uninstalling and reinstalling the game all day today. I haven't even gotten on. Thanks very much Smile I'm going to try this right now and hope it works. I guess I have to reinstall the game again :/ cause I have it uninstalled. Also, before the game started acting weirdly, I would get as far as going to the Bridgeport town and it would completely stop loading. The loading bar would stop right when it reaches the end but doesn't fill the bar up. I even went away for an hour and came back and it was in the exact same place as before. That led to the whole problem with The Sims 3. I hope it doesn't continue to do this because we've spent a lot of money on all this v.v Also I already have Origin, and in order to install one of the expansion packs I need to update the patch Sad and obviously I can't get onto the launcher. Is there another way to update The Sims 3 patch?
I can't find the file you told me to run it from.....
If you are ever having problems with the game and getting it to accept patches, always trying uninstalling only the base game and reinstalling that, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling everything, which will take you hours.

You should now be able to patch the game via the Origin Launcher rather than EA's one.

How did you manage to get on this time?

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I have found the TS3 file, but it says TS3.ex_ file, not .exe. Any ideas?
Yes, try reading the forum instructions the next time.


Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I have A question.If I unistall the base game.I have to erase the custom contest I have in the art eletronic folder and the saved game??.
Im having trouble with the launcher,its say mistake about log in when starting up and it started after I installed the latest patches.I want to know because I have a lot of custom contest in my sims game and already a lot of family in the games and I dont to start with everything like beiginning again.thank you and have a nice day. Smile BangHead
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