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Full Version: Smilies Ideas
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i was just talking to Cor the other day, and she said that there are going to be new smilies added to the site, i kinda want to help with some ideas Blush i hope you don't mind Blush

[Image: lmao.gif]

[Image: excitedplz.gif]
- Excited or hyper pacman

[Image: smilie_frech_046.gif]
-cheer up

[Image: scared1.gif]
- scared

[Image: _splat__by_catluvr2.gif]
- Splat

[Image: mw_fist.gif]
- fisty

[Image: cororon.gif]

Blush i hope you guys like them, but i really do think we need fisty and squishy ^-^

& three more, i could only add 10 images =P

[Image: baby_penguin_avatar_by_hidesbehindthings-d2zeiq4.gif]
- Pengy

[Image: animals-32.gif]
- Hyper Chicken

[Image: animal0075.gif]
- Squishy
We're trying to add some new smileys Cororon sent us, the problem is Matt's uploaded them, I added them, but they are refusing to show up?

Will keep you posted on progress.


Ah okey poke, there is no rush! =P
i just thought adding the fisty smiley would be useful

Something you will all now notice with immediate effect is that the order they appear in the Smilies box at the left side when you go to post is a little more intuitive than before.

[Image: 34dn86g.jpg]

The more common ones folks tend to use (ie. smile, yes, no, dunno, tongue, big grin, loveheart, banghead, clapping, yahoo, etc) are now instantly accessible, with the bigger and more exotic ones further down (just clock on "get more" and expand the window - best keep it up so you can go back and forth when posting in here).

(The horrible generic smilies are down the bottom but are still there for anyone that wants them!)

Hope this helps!



i already know about the extra smilies i am a fast learner Tongue
and i have to admit they are pretty awesome Tongue


I hope they will show up soon. Confused

I really wonder if we need the Cororon dino though Biggrin Silly Pengy!


we need Cororon cause there is the other two dinos =d
we need mixed genders *shakes finger*



(01-03-2012 11:06 PM)Purple_Penguin00 Wrote: [ -> ]we need Cororon cause there is the other two dinos =d
we need mixed genders *shakes finger*

Uhm... [Image: mw_hmmm.gif]
Well, it's up to Matt and Minty. Wacko
All fixed. Sorry, my fault (again), forgot to set the correct chmod permissions for the folders the new smilies were in. I'm not good with these compooter things... :imslow:


true true =P
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