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Full Version: Ok, here's some complaints!
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Earth Mama

Ok, first of all, LINKS are invisible!

I mean, yeah. They're almost the same color as the normal text and you can't tell I posted a link, unless you hover it by mistake.
I suggest you either make it blue or green or at least underline style it.

Also, I want to be able to post more than 2 images in my siggy. Fryingpan

I'm one of those people who like styled-up signatures and sometimes these may take more than 2 images.

Another thing: I WANT A XD smilie! FTW! [Image: smiley_emoticons_xd.gif]
[Image: XD-smiley.png]

Understood? BeatingHeart
I like the second "XD" smiley better, cause that's what I picked out forever ago XD

Yeah I agree with the links, I have troubles seeing them! :'(

I don't use images in my siggy anymore so I don't care Wink Tongue
Okay, from the top.

I think Matt would need to muck around with the board's CSS code to do that, but for now all you need to do to get a bold link is using the following code:
Quote: {url=http://www.simsforums.com}{b}Sims Forums{/b}{/url} - but don't use {}, use []!I'm doing it this way to circumvent the board's code in order to show you what I mean!
This will give you a nice bold link to click that will look like this:

Sims Forums

As for colour, you can add that yourself without being confined to any one set colour, which is what would happen if Matt change the code to make it a set one for links.

[Image: 2hyfjo9.jpg]

Then pick the colour you want using the colour box on the far right side across from the bold, italics, underline (and so on) options.
[Image: 10s5e1s.jpg]

Voila! Tongue

You can now post up to four images in your siggy - my guess is that Matt kept this down to stop people going mental and putting a million dragon eggs in them Biggrin

Remember people, if your signatures are always bigger than your actual posts, you're doing it wrong!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

Earth Mama

Ok, ok about the signatures.

But my point still stands on the link, because in fact THERE IS a set color for them and it's the wrong one.
You see, if a newbie posts a link (not talking about spam links, but a blog link, legacy, etc) sometimes they don't think about coloring their links and also can't tell when WE posted a link somewhere, even tho it's colored, because, it just looks like colored text and it's not the USUAL link color and it's also confusing.
Not everyone is used to BB code.

I ran a forum once and I know that you can customize everything, even the font you want and I also know it's easy to change the link color.
We, the mass users prefer the easier way to do things. Wink

Aaaaand, the XD, please?

Yeah, I prefer the 2'nd smiley also, cuz that one is what we actually had on this forum a while ago. And, it's made of WIN.
Tadaaa !

I see that has changed all links. Hmm, do you like it as it is or shall I change it back?

Earth Mama

Mebbe, remove the underline. ^^

YAY, green!
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