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Full Version: sims medieval: cannot get out from furnish mode..
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I start the game and get into my load game (right after i finished the tutorial)...
its supposed to start in life mode but I get into kingdom mode (all i see is only the icons of places.. not the quests or something) and if i click in a place icon i get 2 bottoms (trade x for y, trade x for y simoleons or something) and if i click in the throne room i can click "Furnish" too (its my only option because the trade bottoms are not work).
I clicked in furnish bottom and start furnish.. i cant pick up any object or buy any (no objects in the functions).. only I can is put walls and floor.. if I try to get back into kingdom mode its open a window that say:
"missing require object
please place the following object:"
and there is no photos after the message Sad
and i cant get a new quest, no buy objects except walls and floors, cant get back to live mode (no option), cant get back into kingdom mode (because jumping message) all i do is stuck in furnish mode or in kingdom mode without any options to do except furnish..
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