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Full Version: Official Simcity Thread
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Hello everyone :mw_wave:
I just wanted to make this thread to discuss Simcity (new and old). Anyway I shall start the discussion talking about the new Simcity coming out next year. They just released some good looking gameplay:

What do you think of the gameplay? I think it looks awesome and I might be beginning to like EA again.
I think it looks quite cool! There was something about earlier videos that I didn't really like... but this looks good. I'll probably buy this one. Hopefully it makes up for that POS SimCity Societies.
I think it looks great (*hates saying that about EA product*) and I'll be looking forward to it. I used to love playing Simcity, although my cities never did very well because I would get upset about pollution and try to use only wind farms. I guess my sims' lungs were clean but they were all sitting at home in the dark Biggrin

I noticed on the simcity.com website that it will come out on PC next year, but a release date for the Mac version is not yet known. I am hoping that this means that this game will be properly ported for Mac and not use icky Cider, in which case I will be extra happy and the game should be well worth the extra wait.

Yay Simcity!
Well this:

has been out for a while and I just have to say that his mustache creeps me out... Nah
Gosh yes, that is a crazy moustache! Also his name is Ocean?

Still, I'm still liking the look of SimCity Smile
Yay it appears that it is confirmed that they will make a native Mac version of SimCity. So I'll be a few months late getting this but hopefully it will be worth it.


I'm really looking forward to it and my brother is getting it for his PC so we can do the bit where your cities can cooperate (or not cooperate, depending how he feels I guess!).

The only thing I don't like is that it will be digital download only so I'll have to put Origin on my Mac. Why can't I have a nice shiny CD, grrr?
I'm hoping that I will be bothered to make a review of SimCity once I get my hands on it.
Also is anyone else going to get it at some stage (apart from me and Caspin)? because I was thinking of making a "SimsForums region."
I'll probably get it but it might take a while
How will it work do you suppose? Do you have to be in the same time zone, playing at the same time, for cities to be linked up?
Nah, I'm pretty sure you don't have to be in the same time zone, playing at the same time.
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