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Full Version: Sims 3 Seasons, not long now!
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Oh I just can't wait for this one! Yahoo

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I don't know if I will get it. It's likely that I will, but it will be the first EA game that I have bought since 2 years ago.
I am getting it for Christmas. From, you know, Santa. I can't wait, my sim needs weather effects. The constant dry weather needs to be broken up with some drizzle Smile

I just hope it doesn't destroy all simmers' games. I mean, it's going to put some burden on an already creaking game isn't it?

Oh well, cross fingers and toes.
I'm worried that I might have trouble with the graphics card. I remember way back when I downloaded The sims 3 Pets demo my graphics card got all messed up and I never played the sims 3 on that machine ever again.
The Pets demo was screwed up anyway, though, wasn't it? For everyone I mean. I remember there was a lot of trouble with it.

If Seasons doesn't work properly I'll be terribly upset. I just want some virtual rain! The swimming that came with the latest patch seems to work OK, so that's a start. I'm trying to stay optimistic Smile
Anyone got seasons yet? If so do you like like?
Nope, no Seasons here. My family are buying it for my Christmas present so I won't have it in my hands for another month, then by the time I've travelled back home after the Christmas break it'll be 2013 before I get to try it! Fortunately I'm very patient lol!
Same, I'm going to get this one, I promise you, but I'll have to get it some time after Christmas.
OK, some LONG overdue Seasons pics!

[Image: 137710.jpg]

Snowboarding rules! When there's really heavy snow this looks so cool. But as it's artificial snow that's on the board you can even do this in summer

[Image: 137711.jpg]

You have to watch out if your Sim goes anywhere near any public area with sufficient space in it during snowy spells, as a snowball fight is sure to break out - and some of these muthas throw a mean ball!

[Image: 137712.jpg]

The shootouts are a good laugh, although I think I've saw more goals saved than scored. Or perhaps Minty Green learned how to take penalties from the England national team. He should have asked Rangers for training, seeing as how they get penalties in every game they play! Tongue

[Image: 137713.jpg]

This old nutter after peeing his pants went over to one of the snowmen Minty built & started arguing with him, like it was his fault he was walking around with pissy kegs, the disgusting old git! Sick

The sheer amount of new stuff to do is amazing, and if you keep it on the default of a season lasting only 7 days you'll see how much new stuff is crammed in. Afterwards, you will need to lengthen it, otherwise there ends up too much community stuff going on in the town so your Sim ends up missing most of it. You do have to watch on the temperature, & treat it with respect. If your Sim is getting too hot or too cold, do something about it.

There's a special Festival ground to put into each - so now that warehouse full of boxes in Riverview finally makes some sense (I always wondered what that was for!). But I reckon others will make far better ones for 64x64 lots.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Yay! Great pictures. That snowball looks as though it could take Minty's head off!
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