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Full Version: The Sims 2- Waterside Restoration Project
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So for about 3 weeks ive been working hard on something im sure some people have wanted.

Its well known that many things planned for TS2 was cut. However, some of that has been restored by mods. Well, whats not restored, are certain deleted towns, such as Sedona, Europa, Riverside, Waterside.

Ive been working on re creating these from the ground up (Not riverside or europa, as they were already done by someone else), but ive been working on Waterside and Sedona.

Waterside will be scale by scale recreation of whats seen in this image:
[Image: Waterside.jpg]

And will feature several families from pre release previews (seen in the early trailer).

Sedona however, will be a desert land using the already made "Sedona" city layout, and will be fully custom families.

Neither of them will use CC, but they will require Every EP and Stuff Pack except for store edition and kitchen/bath. It may also require the holiday stuff pack, because ive got it installed, although i have not used any of its content in this hood.

Im also being sure to follow The Sims Wiki "Avoiding Corruption" guide to make sure this hood will be safe for your game.
Currently im on my laptop without TS2. But when i get access to my desktop i will post screenshots of my current progress.


EDIT: Here are the first Waterside Screenshots:
[Image: detiyf.jpg]

Tina and Dina Virgina (The early versions of Nina and Dina Caliente):

[Image: 33jr5ec.jpg]

For more information and early N&D Caliente, view post 2.

Also for reference, the Maxis waterside used the map "Sample.SC4" in its hood, which is what this is using.


-Dina and Tina:
Dina and Tina are early versions of Nina and Dina.
They were originally supposed to have been featured in Waterside (as said by early info and some left over sims 2 code).
They both would romantically be involved with Don Baxter (Early Don Lothario). Here is Tina and Dina in the early sims 2 trailer from 2003 soon before they were removed from waterside, redesigned and moved to Pleasantview:
[Image: 5etvuu.jpg]

Don, Tina and Dina have been made and already their main hood story is complete. Daniel i have yet to make.

Additionally, im also making Bella Goth for the town. Yes, i believe the absence of Bella Goth (But her being in the game files), was due to her being once a waterside resident. Here is an image of bella:
[Image: 65cv8o.jpg]

To keep a long story short, Bella decided she was too young and pretty to be with old mortimor, so she left to Waterside. However she became crazy and would attack people and laugh at others misery. She in the photo is laughing at someone being attacked unprovoked. Bella lives in an old Church that is falling apart and very haunted. You will learn more about her waterside story later.

Im also open to suggestions and making custom families (as not everyone from waterside was revealed).
Let me know.
Good luck with your project, looks like this one is going to be a long haul ahead of you.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Yes that is quite a project. It was so fun to make towns for Sims 2. I think I used the Sedona map quite often. Then when I was playing I would go round the houses in strict rotation to keep everyone's weather synchronised!
Looking good. I love how you know your stuff about The Sims 2s early days.
More photos of the project:

Angie Landgrabb and her son, Jake Landgrabb (people who played TS1 and TS bustin out on PS2 would know them)
[Image: 5b8g1v.jpg]

Felicity Usher from TS2 Console is also in town, standing outside her home:
[Image: 1zcnvo9.jpg]

Don Baxters wife slapping him after he cheated on her with Dina Virginia:
[Image: 28owbb.jpg]

Mike Virginia holding his son:
[Image: iwpslw.jpg]
Updated town:
[Image: 16jep7d.jpg]

Dina painting photos of her family:
[Image: 33mqv6d.jpg]
Update: Town and families now fully complete. Final touches being done and will be available tomorrow.
Crumbs, that was quick work!
Hi. The hood will be released tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Its being released *As Is* because an accident caused my files to be erased, so my backed up file is there. The only thing that needs to be done by fans is the following:

1. Add a hood story in the main story album.
2. Place 4 tomb stones that currently sit randomly at the waterside cemetery.
3. and this:

1. Make a copy of *your* N002 folder and save it somewhere.
2. ERASE your original N002 folder.
3. Drop this folder where N002 was.
4. Launch game.
5. Quit Game.
6. Launch Again.

This is due to an error on my part that caused Waterside to replace veronaville. To avoid corruption, do as i just said. To return to veronaville, replace the waterside folder with the veronaville folder with the method i described.
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