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Full Version: The Sims 4 Wishlist
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So TS4 is supposed to be out by next year. There's so much I hope to see in the game. Here's a few things I want to see:
-Teens babysitting neighborhood babies, toddlers, and children to earn extra money for the household
-Better clothing options for the children (the console selection is terrible and completely unisex)
-Option to create an out-of-home business such as a daycare or library or even a diner
-New traits to get a more personalized feel for your Sim
-Base game weather
-New cheatcodes for better play
What do you want to see in the new game?
Let's brainstorm.
I have decided to sticky this thread and re-name it to 'The Sims 4 wishlist thread' as I'd prefer to have all of the wishlist threads that we will get for The Sims 4 soon, in one thread (if that's okay).
The deal breaker for me currently is being able to travel to different worlds like you can in Sims 3, but being able to come home the same day, not being stuck there for a week. In other words, a more open world where you can travel to different neighbouring towns.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I'd love to see some stuff come back from The Sims 2, including but not limited to:
- Cinematic's, whether it be moving in to a new house with the taxi driving off, or when your sim decides to propose to the love of their life. Cinematic's were one thing that I felt, made The Sims 2 special.
- Better looking animations, in particular with cars. I don't necessairly mind not having the driving in and out of the driveway animations, as the driveway system in The Sims 2 seemed kinda annoying, with the driveway taking up a lot of space, but I like how each car in The Sims 2 moved in a sort of unique way, with the more luxurious cars driving smoothly, compared to poorer cars that just chug along. I also would prefer it if cars didn't go through one another like in The Sims 3. The cars in The Sims 3 kinda looked like they were glued to the road, which really didn't look fantastic.
- The lighting. The lighting in The Sims 3 was absolutely terrible, I can't 100% remember how it was in The Sims 2, but I just hope they drastically revamp it in The Sims 4.
True, Ollie, they should be able to do a better job with the lighting. Some of the best-looking in-game pictures that I've seen for Sims 3 have been taken by a player using a lighting mod.
Another thing I would enjoy in The Sims 4 is something more difficult financial wise. I have mentioned general difficulty somewhere on the forums before, but I have now come to the conclusion that I think that The Sims 3 is fine in the needs difficulty, but I wouldn't mind it being more difficult money wise. In The Sims 3 once you get a ton of money everything just seems boring to me. I think it would be interesting if there was a way you could easily lose your wealth, and it would be optional, a stock market of sorts is what I'm thinking, yes in The Sims 3 you can become a partner with businesses, but what if that business was running in to financial problems? It could create for some very interesting circumstances, particularly since you could easily become rich or lose everything, and it's not like you're forced to buy in to these businesses. It would also be interesting if there was an optional online global-market of sorts, in which prices of almost anything could go up and down.
Right again (EA should be paying SF for these ideas!).

In Sims 2 you could earn a bunch of money but there were more things to spend it on - like you had to go to a shop and purchase new clothing items if you wanted your sims to have new outfits. And they could buy jewellery and they could buy collars for their pets etc. In Sims 3 you can earn loads fairly quickly but then there aren't enough things to spend it on, so after a few generations there's little incentive to get jobs for your sims because they don't need anything.

I'd also like to see individual sims being able to retain their own specific earnings rather than everything going into a household pot. For example kids should not be able to spend their parents' income so easily! They should be allowed to share money among the family/friends/household but it shouldn't be automatic that every cent is shared.

This stuff needs merging into Ollie's wishlist game doesn't it!
Regarding Caspins' idea of having individual money thingy's, I think that there should be a total family funds, that is made up of each of the Sims individual money. So when "Sim no. 1" buys something, the total family funds decrease, along with "Sim no. 1"'s money being decreased, but nothing is deducted from anyone else in the household.
Just a little elaboration on Caspins idea.

I also agree with Caspin on the fact that in The Sims 2 you had a lot more things to spend money on. I think we need to see clothes stores return again.

Another idea to add on top of what I said earlier, is a system like ebay, which can be an optional/online/offline thing. You can put up your Sims junk that they no longer want - better yet is you can set it's own price, but it also comes with it's own risks, for one it costs you to advertise your items on it, and secondly there would be no guarantee people would buy your items.
Agree with all of that. Also it would be good if you could sell things to the restaurants. So if your sim likes gardening and grows lots of veg, as well as being able to sell it to the shop, you should be able to sell it to the cafe and restaurant. This does actually happen in real life - I stayed at a pub last summer that would buy fruit and vegetables grown by people living in the village and then the chef there would include these as ingredients in the meals served in the restaurant. It was really good!

Also it shouldn't be so easy to sell things in Sims. If you do a painting you shouldn't be able to just instantly chuck it in the air and get the money for it! Instead you should have to take it to an art dealer or gallery and maybe hang it up with a price on it and then other sims can choose to buy it or make you a lower offer if you've priced it too high. They could do this in the same way as OFB shops from Sims 2. I used to like having a sim become a florist and make lots of pots of flowers and then sell them in the shop. You could do it with all kinds of sim-made items.
Yes, I hope that OFB is incorporated in the base game - if not, one of the first expansion packs.
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