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Full Version: "Regulars" section suspended
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I suppose I ought to say something about this having taken it down abruptly back on the 6th.

The forum & all its posts still exists, but it is being kept offline for the time being. I will only reinstate it if there's some tangible justification for doing so (ie. vastly increased forum activity). There is no point in having a secret "regulars" section when the only people ever using it are those last regular back in the spring in 2010.

We have a never ending cycle of pre-2010 members lurking for months on end, posting once or twice a year (if at all) - unless one of the "original" people (bar Ollie) post, whereupon the cat's no longer got their tongues & the rest of us that have kept this place alive for far longer than they were ever active get treated like we're invisible.

Every few months we get someone from the "golden years" of 2008/2009 posts for the first time in whatever "hey everyone, I've missed you all so much! Let's bring the site back!" If you truly mean that, do your bit. Those only interested in speaking to the "old people" & ignoring the rest of us need to get real.

Sims Forums is a community, not a clique.

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