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Full Version: Lazy Game Reviews does "Into The Future"
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Very good to the point review of what to expect if you get it, combined with his usual snappy humour.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
It's a great review. Robotic Duke Nukem is fantastic!

I don't think that even in my wildest imagination I could have come up with a Utopia more hideous.
The future!

At some point I will go there. In the meantime, the Portal is very annoying, sitting about by the postbox. Fortunately it can be deactivated and put into your inventory, as opposed to sitting there all shiny, tempting Caspin to literally put her foot in it.

[Image: Portal_01.jpg]

Also annoying is the blue-haired future dude who turns up and drops litter all over the garden. For heaven's sake, future dude!

[Image: Portal_02.jpg]

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