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Full Version: Is there a place to upload creations.
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I have a friend who is a creator and would like to upload some homes and some sims. Is there a section for that??
Hi Tasia. Minty will correct me if I'm wrong (and possibly even enjoy it) but I'd say that your friend should just start themselves a thread in the general Sims 3 section (or Sims 2 section if appropriate). I'm not sure they can really upload their creations here as such, but if they upload them into the Exchange or to mediafire or similar, then they can put links to the downloads and show us some pictures here.
LOL Caspin, OK, I will tell her. I believe she is the newest member here. I met her on FB somewhere??.. LOL.. Thanks for the feedback!Clapping
Merry Christmas!!!!
There isn't anywhere to upload creations on here as such, but if they get a reputable free file hoster they can link to them on here as long as they post pictures of whatever they are wanting members to download as well.

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