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Full Version: Sims 2 complete vs Sims 3 complete, help?
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If you added up all Sims 2 games plus all of its expansions vs all of Sims 3 expansions including the latest one Into The Future, which series is better?
Sims 3 - no loading screens.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I'd be inclined to agree. Despite the bugs, I'd still stick with The Sims 3 - no loading screens but also the fact that everyone in town ages up at the same rate and the weather affects all lots at once were great improvements. Oh and if you like building and such, the CASt tool is fantastico.
It's a tough choice, in The Sims 2, I feel you could appreciate a house you made more, as you'd stay there 90% of the time, whereas in The Sims3, you're generally out in the open, around the town most of the time, hell-you don't even need a house at all (as proven in my Hope legacy), you could pretty much just live in the gym. Although in The Sims 3 with the low amount of loading times, it's a plus, but then again there's a tonne of bugs. To me The Sims 2 just felt more alive, from memory the animations just look more real and less robotic. Despite being slow as hell, Create a style was a fantastic tool, shame to see it go in The Sims 4, but hopefully that means it will run much better.

Both games had their ups and downs, it's too hard for me to decide, I geuss I'd go with The Sims 3 all in all.
Thanks Minty, Caspin, and Ollie

I decided to buy Sims 2 and all of its expansions and I am having a lot of fun!

I love that you can play any family you want and the whole create a neighborhood is too dam addicting! I didn't notice, but real time pass so fast in this game and it was on a Friday night too! I haven't been glue to the screen this much for a single player game other than the highly addicting World of Warcraft ages ago.
Well, have fun - don't forget to eat, though!
I actually forgot to eat until my stomach was growling.
Aw! I always like to take some snacks with me to the computer, just in case! Smile
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