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Full Version: Criminal Class
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Character Synopsis

[Image: 4a13f751-4664-40e9-8eff-0b1fa28c07fe_zps4kxnfi6w.png]

Jennifer Sanders
Before I begin to explain each of the character's-I would just like to inform you of how the Character of Jennifer came to be.
I was originally inspired to create Jennifer after seeing this promo image-a dark skin female character with sass. I was then stuck between the names Jennifer and Jessica, but I soon settled it and the character of Jennifer was born.
So off I went, creating her in GTA V Online as my second character and ended up with this on my PS3 (later as this on my PS4).
Slowly I became more obsessed with the Tarantino film (and character), Jackie Brown. The idea of Jennifer was fairly similar to Jackie Brown, cool, calm, strong-just looking for a way to make some extra cash. So while Jodie (AddictiveG) and I created Jennifer first in The Sims 4 CAS demo there was a lot more evidence of Jackie Brown being drawn in which is visible in some of her fashion. Jennifer is pretty much a younger version of Jackie Brown.

[Image: 5e843b6e-5c43-4ee7-83f4-4bd9cc84d487_zpsmzczodiy.png]

Gloria Sanders
I like your logo, Ollie. Very noir-ish. Have a fun time at the Expo thing and catch you later. Hope you feel better btw.
Hehe, thank-you Caspin.
It was originally going to be all silverish-metal with a gradient over the top with a black background and glow, making it look like a silver plumbob was glowing onto the writing, but after seeing it just black and white, I decided to keep as is.
Is this TS3 or TS4? If the latter I'll get a new section opened up.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
The Sims 4 Big Grin
(26-09-2014 11:54 PM)Minty Wrote: [ -> ]Is this TS3 or TS4? If the latter I'll get a new section opened up.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

New section or merge 'em all. We await your final decision.
Weekend Routine:

I lay rested in bed after a long night of drinking at the end of the week.
[Image: A_zps38345ebc.png]

Slowly drifting to conscious state, I rose from my slumber.
[Image: B_zpsf07c803b.png]

I worryingly looked to see a figure beside where I slept.
[Image: C_zps93660697.png]

This can't be happening, not again.

"Mornin' Gloria," I mentioned.
"Call me mom," She grumbled. "Who's he?"
[Image: F_zps5a8767b7.png]

"Mom, please-"
"No Jenn," Gloria interrupted. "You need to find someone and settle down. You need a real job, you worry me."
[Image: G_zps4e240f44.png]

"Yeah and what do you do? Since pa moved on, all you have been doing is moping around the house. Ever tried living?"
[Image: E_zps7bacba82.png]

"I lived my life-thank you, now I'm just waiting-"
"Waiting for what? Death?"
"A moment of peace, when I'll be reunited with your father."
"What if that day never comes round?"
[Image: I_zps15044424.png]

"Well Jennifer, if you don't start to settle down with someone soon, I'm going to settle it for you, I know this nice man from church."
"Mom, please don't."
[Image: H_zps8af6de06.png]

"Hey Trish, you up for tonight?" I called into my phone.
"Yeah, come over to my place when yo ready," my good friend Trisha replied.
[Image: J_zps9e26049e.png]

After a warm shower, change of clothes, a few more touches to go, and I'd head over to Trisha's place.
[Image: L_zps96311535.png]

[Image: K_zpsdc37925f.png]

I walked out the door with a fresh smile on my face, her house was directly opposite mine and she was all I had.
[Image: M_zps7fabe4b4.png]

With a knock on the door, Tish instructed me to walk on in.
"How's ya day been?" She asked.
"Er, not bad, Glor and I had our usual argument over settling down and finding a man."
[Image: N_zps08837e13.png]

Trisha always was a girly girl- into high fashion, usually over dressed. She dreams of fame, a failing model who went to extreme lengths, eating very little-so little it can be scary. She has resorted to comedy to rise in fame.
"Who knows, maybe your moms is right? How 'bout I help ya'll find someone worth ya time, rather than one of yo moms goody-goody church buddies?" Trisha offered.
[Image: O_zps0cbe8438.png]

"Eh, we'll see what happens," I replied.
"Take it, leave it, your choice."
[Image: P_zps33b30a2f.png]

"Whatever, let's go."

Our outing for this night was a local willow creek club, no more than a couple of blocks away from home.
[Image: r_zps5bddcbea.png]

It was good fun, drinking, chatting, laughing. Gossip was great around town, Trisha's jokes just aren't too bad.
[Image: Q_zpse9a2a8b4.png]

Drink after drink passed the night along quickly.
[Image: S_zps84b678ea.png]

With a quick yawn and blurred vision, it was over for the night, time to go home.
[Image: T_zps36e120ec.png]
Knock back those drinks, girls! Haveadrink Haveadrink Haveadrink

When your mum starts threatening to set you up with a nice boy she's found for you at church it is time to take drastic action!

*awaits criminal element*

Good to see your new story get started, Ollie, and hope you are feeling better now. Yes
Considering her mum's the churchy type, she seemed pretty cool about her daughter having some guy in her bed under her roof Nah

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Ah well, some mums are very understanding. It is dads that tend to overreact. Yes
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