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Full Version: Sims cancel tasks on their own, won't use stairs etc.
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Hi everyone,

I've got a problem in one of my sim households and hope someone can help me here.

First thing I noticed was my sims refused to use the stairs. When I sent them to use an object or talk to a sim upstairs they would walk towards the stairs first, then stop and take a step back as if there was something blocking the way, but I've checked and there's nothing there (also they had no speech bubble with footprints or something). When I moved one sim upstairs with move_objects, first thing she did was walking down again (really walk, not magically reappear downstairs!) to repeat the one-step-toward-stairs-one-step-back-thing.
Then my sims refused to do even some of the tasks on the same level, espescially interacting with each other. They just cancel the tasks on their own, like when there's something in the way, but there isn't. They don't even give reasons why (like low needs).

I've reloaded the lot, restarted the game, turned move_objects on and off again, didn't help.
I play the Sims 2 with all the extention packs but no mods and (until i tried move_objects) no cheats.

My last idea is to move the family to an new lot, but I didn't want to do that before asking for help here.

Please, anyone?
Thanks, Wanda
Hi, I really don't know what to suggest other than to move to another house. It sounds as though the stairs are bugged or something invisible is blocking the routing. You could delete those stairs and replace them in case the stairs are glitched. If they are cancelling actions in the queue even on the same level it sounds more like routing - is this a very small house? - or some other bug. You could also remodel the house, at least temporarily, to check the routing - for example put in a staircase elsewhere in the house (knock in a few walls if you need to) and see if sims can successfully use that to get upstairs and stay there. Remove some furniture so you can be totally sure that sims are not being blocked from moving.
Thanks for your help.
Replacing the stairs helped, my sims used the new ones.
With the interacting, however, I was less lucky. I removed all furniture on the lower level, but they still couldn't find a way. So I moved them to another house. Everything's fine now.
Glad you sorted it out.
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