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Full Version: Outdoor Retreat Pack
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So, I'm not sure if there is a thread of this yet or not, but I haven't found anything (which I'm surprised of!). But have any of you seen the teaser trailer for the new game pack? If not, here is a link.

Any thoughts? Opinions?

My only hope is that it will make the game larger. I feel that the worlds are so small with no variety...

If you are not sure what a game pack is, you can look here.
It seems quite expensive for a relatively small expansion, but I guess they have released quite a lot of content for free through the recent patches so maybe they want to make a bit of money on this. I read that there was a small new area of some type that your sims can visit, as well as new activities and items. I am not sure that the new area is really a whole town, as it is described as a "destination". I just hope it does add more to the game and isn't as minimal as it looks in the pictures and videos! I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.
I was looking into this upcoming pack a bit more closely this morning (while I was waiting for toast) and I am concerned that Granite Falls is really small. Here is a map that was tweeted by "Sims Community" in December.

[Image: GraniteFalls_map.png]

Most of the areas are covered by trees, which hopefully your sims can walk about in. There are paths leading to the trees, so it looks as though this should be possible. If it really is a forested area with things to discover in the woods then that might be quite fun and a nice change from the other towns. However it doesn't seem to have much else - is it just that one space in the centre with some kind of statue, plus a couple of lakes? If so, the whole thing is really just one big park that happens to have a glut of trees, so they are asking people for approx. $20 for one park? Blimey. I hope I am wrong about that.

You also get some new stuff including camping chairs, a fire that you can poke with a stick and a weird bear-gnome that is inexplicably wearing a hat while looking staggeringly 2-dimensional. I've seen pictures of the tents that they've included and they do look quite good.

[Image: Capture20.png]

As ever with The Sims 4, I remain underwhelmed. Dunno
I read somewhere that they said there are two neighborhoods within Granite Falls, so it definitely is smaller than the other worlds which typically have five neighborhoods. I think that if it has more stuff than a typical stuff pack it will be worth it since it will have new gameplay features as well. It's nice to be getting these new gameplay features at a stuff pack price!
Yeah, I'm not sure I'm gonna get this at all-it'll probably be overpriced as usual. TBH, I'd only really be interested in the new hairs, clothes, and maybe, just maybe, the tent, but other than that, I'm meh'd. It doesn't seem like an actual NPC bear (like the NPCs we had in The Sims 2 and 1, which I'd love to see back), just a costume, so I'm passing on this one.
Although I must say I'm glad that they aren't doing some large marketing campaign, and just keeping it small and simple-no need for over hype.
I thought there was an NPC bear?? I think I remember reading about it somewhere that it's a costume and NPC. Anywho, the trailer is released today! I hope the game pack is released tomorrow or something.
Well apparently the Game Pack is out and it's going to be a real hit in Australia /sarcasm.
Origin have made a huge mistake for Australia (at least I hope it's a mistake for those wanting to buy it). They have put it up for $40 AUD-IT SHOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR THAT PRICE-That SHOULD be the price for an expansion pack-this is a game pack. This should be $20 max. I'd only pay ten for this though. If this isn't a mistake, I feel sorry for those who think this is a full Expansion Pack and buy it at that price.
Yeah I saw someone talking about how it was so expensive there! Omg

It's weird because it's cheaper than expected in some areas of the world and more expensive than expected in other parts. And in the US it's $20 which is what it was expected to be. Hmmm.
Dunno what the price is in New Zealand now, but in Australia they brought it down to $30-which I'd say is till too expensive.
Watched the livestream from earlier-and the world seems pretty decent-and it turns out there is a NPC bear-and another NPC (although they seem to be random as to whether or not they're female or male in your game-I'd prefer that to be fixed-Eg; Mrs. Crumplebottom in The Sims 2).

So far, from what I've seen, people seem to quite like the content but many are annoyed over the fact that the game appeared to be priced incorrectly in some countries, then the price started fluctuating. I hope that they refunded the difference to Australian simmers who had already purchased it prior to the price being dropped.

If it is US$20, then that's about £13 here. However $30 in Australian dollars is more like £16 and that's the price it has dropped to - before that it was even higher. That seems ridiculously high compared to the US price, even if there are taxes or some other weird factors that affect the conversion. The US price seems reasonable - if this was for The Sims 3 and they'd brought out a mini expansion like this, then I would have paid £13 for it.
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