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Full Version: "Get To Work" Expansion
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Get to work? Sod off!

Yes, the first expansion pack has been duly announced and here is the trailer:

Given the minimal number of careers (and in fact just activities in general) in the TS4 base game, I'm sure this will be welcomed by those who are enjoying the game.

And just think - a whole new world of bugs can now be identified - fun!

Sorry, will try not to be so -ve.
I am so excited for this!
My only concern is the loading screens. When a sim goes to a different lot than his family, the family sims lose whatever they were task they were doing and go to a preset thing such as 'take care of self' or 'build skill.' And the only way to switch back and forth is to wait through another loading screen... And when you do switch back to the sim at the family lot, the one that you had travel then loses his tasks he was doing.
So I wonder what they're going to do with this, seeing as you usually have multiple sims working.
But overall, I am really excited for this. It seems they have taken this expansion pack idea so much further than the one they had for the sims 3.
Yes, that's a worry. You might have to follow one sim very closely while they are pursuing one of these careers! That's the same as with Ambitions in TS3 - if you chose one of those careers like the private investigator you pretty much had to follow that sim around to make sure they were doing the necessary tasks, which made it harder work to keep a family or large group of sims. But once you got used to it, twas quite fun! I hope the loading screens don't drive you mad - let us know!
I am also curious as to how they will do this. Ambitions was a good expansion so I'm excited to try it, however I'll probably make my own business first as I've missed OFB! Big Grin
I'm just so excited for the business aspect! Although I'm not a fan of the price ($50 AUD I'm 50/50 on paying that straight away) but I almost died of excitement when I was on of the first on twitter to see that trailer-LOVE IT.
Those considering whether to buy this expansion might be interested to read Crin's preview here.

It sounds as though" Get to Work" will provide a combination of the sim-owned retail businesses that were made possible in "Open for Business" from TS2 and the more involved career paths that came with "Ambitions" from TS3. I think the new careers would be fun to try out, but once you've played through all the possible new tasks a couple of times I'd be worried that it could get boring and you might end up just using the new careers like rabbitholes. At least it would add variety for a while.

I do think that the new world should have more than just FOUR lots! You get aliens with this expansion as well and that gives you the chance to visit their alien homeworld, which is really just one extra hidden lot. EA seem determined to keep the number of lots to a minimum, which might help with performance issues but it is somewhat restrictive (and since there are loading screens between them, surely that isn't much of an issue any more?).
So far it sounds good to me, although I do wish there were more than four lots (considering we didn't even get many in the base game), but I don't mind, I'm still going to wait it out for cheaper prices and more content.
So far I like the expansion pack but with only a few gripes, like that there is no ticket machine (so no gyms, arcades, etc.), also no home businesses which is kinda annoying, and also to a lesser extent I was kinda hoping for restaurants, but I guess I wasn't fully expecting that anyway (hopefully they'll be added in the future though). Also the worry about bugs and glitches, which The Sims is pretty much known for, and is a big concern considering it's pretty close to release and I'm pretty sure they'd be running GTW on high powered PC's it isn't a good sign.
Overall, it seems like a great first Expansion pack, but the price, likely hood of performance bugs and other issues, along with a still incomplete base game, means I won't be buying at full price, at launch (unless I just so happen to win a giveaway). Tongue
Yeah, I'd forgotten about businesses run from homes - like that florist lady in TS2, right? But I think in this one you can do the opposite and practically live on the business lot as long as you equip it with everything you'd need. Whether you would want to literally live at work is the big question - maybe if you hate your sim!

And no restaurants, I'd forgotten those too. I used to like running a family restaurant in TS2. I had a Caspin Cafe for a while. It sold mighty fine cakes. There is a bakery in Get To Work and you are supposed to be able to sell things you have made, including foods, so I suppose that is a start.
Just watched through this producer preview on Gamespot's channel.

It seemed like a good chunk of fun. The scientist career looks great, although as you, Caspin, mentioned previously after a while it could get a little boring. The alien neighbourhood thingy, Sixam was a tad interesting, although was smaller than I imagined, and the items weren't very Alien, but that's okay. Retail looked so good, especially now that the business's funds are separate to the household funds, WHICH I FREAKING LOVE (seeing as I am doing business related subjects)! Although I'm a bit disappointed as it would appear that Aliens just constantly spawn, and not in their human form, and it's going to be annoying for people who don't want supernatural/unrealistic things in their game (hopefully we can turn them off later). But ugh, I just want the retail aspect so bad, the mannequins are so cool.
Ah, so the TS4 aliens are going to be the equivalent of the the TS3 vampires - spawning all over town until there's nothing non-alien left. It's a freaking invasion! I hope you do get a way to deactivate or limit that - someone will mod it, no doubt.

I reckon by the time the first six expansion packs have been released for TS4 you'll have the equivalent of a decent base game. Tongue
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