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Full Version: Witcher 3
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Has anyone played Witcher 3, or Witcher 1 or Witcher 2 for that matter?

My brother told me that he is looking at getting Witcher 3, so then I started looking as well, as there's the PS4 sitting here with hardly any games to play on it so far. It sounds quite exciting! It would seem that it is quite similar to Skyrim, but with additional violence and shagging. What's not to like? Miss Tickle linked me to this review.

Here is the cinematic trailer, which is ridiculously exciting (or at least I thought so):

The main character that you play is this guy, Geralt:

[Image: The-Witcher-3-art-08.jpg]

Jeez. BeatingHeart

He's quite ..... distracting.

Lovely scenery as well:

[Image: The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt_7.jpg]

Anyway, if anyone has played it I'd love to hear what you think. In the meantime I'll see if I can recruit someone to play it here so I can gaze upon this wondrousness.
I myself have not played it, but my boyfriend is playing Witcher 3 right now and I'm alsways listening with half an ear, as germans like to say it. He seems to be quite taken by it since he has not done anything else for days now. Maybe I'll give it a try once he finishes it.
Sounds engrossing! If I get it I will be sure to clear the diary for a few days, offload responsibilities and prepare all meals in advance. Pizza is useful in these circumstances. Then I won't have to be disrupted too much Smile
On the other forum I visit we have a Witcher fan par excellence. I've also seen LPs of the first two games and yeah, Geralt gets around royally. He's like Don Lothario but with a silver sword and mutagens and sometimes he has to kill the ladies he beds. If you guys ever get a chance have a look at an LP of the Witcher.
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