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Full Version: The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack
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Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack

Why?? Didn't they just release Perfect Patio? Nice way to raise a sinking ship EA! Just admit you failed and we'll all be happy!
Another thing I can't buy because I can't get those stupid cash cards. EA's loss. Egyptiandance
I'm actually impressed with some of the items they're coming out with. I think they're doing better than they have before.

And look how quick they're putting new content out for people. Think of all the time that the developers are taking to make this content for us.

Kudos to them.
Are you one of those people who just buys these things because it says "The Sims 4"? Don't you ever make your own decisions?
@ b1245p

It's not a trick question. You always sing EA's praises for everything related to TS4. It's almost like you don't care about spending $$$ on what is essentially a tablet game. You don't care about missing features (CAST just being one) or having entire life stages removed because EA gives the BS excuse about it being "too hard and too expensive". And never mind having to install spyware just to have the game in the first place!

Why can't you see this scam for what it is?
Wow, Roxy, being a little harsh, aren't you? Guess it's a good thing I'm not an Admin here anymore or that would definitely get you in trouble.

I just got Spa and Outdoor retreat today. I like TS4, though it's not as nice looking as TS3 (I hate the limited color combinations that we're stuck with), but telling someone they don't care about a product or calling it a scam ... that's messed up.

If you don't like it, that's fine. To each his/her own. But no one is forcing you to buy anything. It's entirely possible to play base game alone. If we want to spend money, let us. It's not your money, it's ours. We want to play the game. Are they milking us? probably, but so what? It's our choice. EA has gone down hill, they don't act like they care, I agree. But you need to stop acting like your feelings are fact and point and name calling other players is not cool.
I did see these comments but didn't feel they warranted getting anyone "into trouble". Was Roxy a little harsh? Yes, perhaps a bit, but that's all. Just seems to me like two adults having a discussion during which they disagree. I suspect both are capable of speaking for themselves. I don't think heavy-handed moderation is useful. If things descended into personal insults then that would be a different matter. Sorry if you disagree.

Everyone try to play nice - after all, it's only a game.
Apologies for not replying to this sooner. For a moment I thought I was on the official forum. Shocked

Very harsh RoxyMiller81, but I do share your frustrations. TS4 has proven a con & it's sad watching clever people throwing a lot of good money after bad in the hope it will make their game enjoyable. Game packs are supposed to enhance an already enjoyable game, not justify the base purchase.

But ask anyone who works at a game store & they will tell you of people they witness wandering past the same shelf many times over an hour, picking up a game box over & over before caving in & taking it to the counter only because they're bored with the games they've got, not from any optimism for the product. It's something we've all done at least once, as have people you think have more common sense than ourselves Tongue

I reckon a lot of people are still buying TS4 despite all the warnings because they're bored & may as well see how bad it is while awaiting something better. Something new to do is better for them than nothing at all. That sounds stupid, but when you consider there's a whole industry dedicated into successfully conning us into buying "new" versions of old music CDs we loved for a couple of extra bonus tracks, or "new" versions of old movies for a few minutes extra footage, it's remarkable how easily they can part people with their money only to revisit old good times.

All there seems to be available now is the millionth reboot of existing products, when that happens you become conditioned into trying out the new version no matter how long you hold out. Only this week, GINX TV had a real go at the latest Batman game (Arkham Knight) because it's a rehash of the previous game with better graphics. It's hardly alone in that respect, most of the biggest sellers this year will be from other companies flogging their own dead horses.


On the other hand, a lot of former TS2 players who never came over to TS4 love the new game because that's what TS4 is - a reboot TS2. At least to them that's what it is & they'll get a kick out of the new game no matter what. I'm glad at least they are getting some enjoyment from it, & wonder how many TS2 players will be forced over by this Windows 10, having heard stories that its compatibility mode isn't as compatible as Microsoft would have us believe.

If you have an aging machine, TS4 is also excellent if you want a new game with mimimum specs, although as Caspin (I think) mentioned in the past the additional content bulk out over time will soon drag it down to unplayable.

Finally, anyone expecting any "big stick" type admin at SF can forget it. Since being asked to sort the shambles this place had decayed into under the previous maladministration back in 2011, none of us have issued a single warning to anyone. I cannot speak for Caspin or Ollie, but I have no intentions to change that. Any warnings I will ever make will be by private PM, not by that impersonal Whack-A-Mole button.

I expect members to agree to disagree & be civil without needing prompted, but I'm also aware that we're all human, have bad days & are entitled to make the odd mountain out of a molehole now & again over our pet obsessions - it's not as if anyone here has MadameLee levels of the batpoop crazies. There's enough Stepford gaming forums manned by little tin Hitlers without us going down that path.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Roxy, why even continuing supporting the Sims if you hate the creators behind it? Like what is the point? How does this game bring you happiness if you have so much hatred around it?

Why buy anything than, Roxy? Everything is just a scam and producers are trying to get your money. Why buy the new 55" TV, when you can use your old 32" box TV?

I guess it's pointless for anyone to try to renovate and rejuvenate old ideas, because you'll be unhappy and very angry about it.

And further more, just because you don't have the money to buy the packs doesn't mean that you can be mad at me for having the money to.

Have a very happy day! If you even can.
Giving this thread a nice little padlock now that everyone has had a chance to have their say.

This feels less like moderating a forum populated mainly by adults and more like being the teacher who has to separate squabbling children in a playground. It is possible to have a discussion and express different opinions without winding up other people. I suggest we have a go at that in the next thread.
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