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Full Version: Sims 4 Stories : What are yours?
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In all honesty, I have so many different storylines going, I couldn't name them all. But they are all dramatic and some you could probably use in some sort of TV drama. Biggrin

What are your favourite storylines to play?Smile

Mine is currently a young woman that got pregnant, her parents told her to get married (it's set in the 70s) she married him thinking she loved him but he didn't want kids and so he had an affair throughout their marriage, they had three kids and one day he accused her of cheating but she would never do that and they had a huge argument she accused him of his affair with a barmaid and he ended up dead in the kitchen. She ended up remarrying to a vicar and no one would accuse a vicars wife of murder...a rather evil woman beneath the surface!
I'm able to make my storylines a lot easier to create with MC Command Center. 4141155crbst-plumbbob-gif_1_
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