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Full Version: Good Afternoon Glencarbonil
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Yes, just spotted you joined!

Hopefully you are genuine and not a bot, although given your name suggests you are from Illinois but your IP says you signed on and viewed this forum from just outside St. Louis, I'm a bit pessimistic.

Anyway welcome to Sims Forums.

Please accept your complimentary glass of nectar Haveadrink plumbob 4141155crbst-plumbbob-gif_1_ & pan Fryingpan.

There's tea in the kitchen, plus plenty of biscuits, since no one's ever here these days.

Feel free to hit us with your ramblings of just about everything else. And we mean everything else. Kitchen sinks included. On second thoughts it's Boolprop that does the kitchen sinks.

Also feel free to try your luck in the Arcade section - some of those High Scores are long overdue being overtaken.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
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