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Full Version: Relate-O-rama (I just made that name up :D)
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Its simple, a person says the name of an object color or whatever and you have to say something that is related to that 'thing' in anyway. for example:

??: White
??: Snow
??: Cold



Are we doing this right? Hehe...
No idea.

Bat (like fruit bat).
kinda Big Grin but instead of saying fruit you could've said the name of an actual fruit 'cause an apple is a fruit so it isn't really related to it in a way , 'cause it is it.  Smile

wow I just read what I typed and figured out that it made 0 sense  Smile
it doesnt have to be an object by the way, it can be an emotion, or anything.

edit: sorry for double post
Okay...so...cave. (Bats live in caves, therefore they're related to it. Right?)
ya ya guys thats right...Big Grin


...Right? Haha, I'll be asking this all through the game, I'm sure.
Why has my post been deleted? That's not very fair...

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