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Full Version: WHAT TIME IS IT?
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Not the high school musical song, "What Time Is It, summertime, blababababa"
I mean by like ppl here are at different time zones and around the world so I`m
curios, what time is it.
I`ll start, its 1:15 p.m in Los Angeles, California.
Don't we already have a thread like this?

However, it's about 9: 33p.m. here.
is this suppose to be in the forum games or no?
I am in Texas, in the US.

Right now it is 3:28 PM
omg i was so just about to start this thred any ways its 4:40
I'm in Cairo, Egypt.
Right now it's 11:44 pm
US, Texas, CST

4:53 PM
its 2:54 p.m in Los Angeles
Sydney, Australia.

South Carolina
5:54 PM
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