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Full Version: Great Finds Thread
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Too lazy to go find some Custom Content yourself?

Well, don't worry about it xDD I look for custom content often, as well as some other people. SO, a Great Finds thread is in order Wink

I personally love looking at all of the wonderful things our Sim community makes, so for those who are at least semi-lazy, be sure to check this thread often as I'll try to find some diverse things for everyone to go "OooooO" and "Aahhahh" over, and possibily even download!

For anyone who would like to contribute, feel free! One person cannot comb the entire internet looking for stuff. However, I do ask for some courtesy for the sites in which we will be getting these great finds by:
  • Please (With many prettys on top) do not hotlink if you are posting the picture to go with the creation for us to look at. Since most of this will be free stuff from free sites, if you just take the image url and paste it in this thread, you are causing their bandwidth usage to go up. They have to PAY for that to keep their site up and running to share their creations with us, and they don't charge us anything for their creations, so most likely it comes out of their pockets, or donator's pockets. So please please please take the extra step to upload a preview image to your own photohosting account and post THAT url here, not one that has their address on it.
  • You can also use the forum's gallery for pictures of great finds!
  • Be sure to post a link to the exact page with the creations on it. Most people don't want to go hunting for it.
  • If you don't want to post a preview picture of the items that you want to post, just post the link and describe what it is. So don't just say "Shorts", say "Plaid shorts" or something.
  • Don't link to downloads that are paid, but been placed elsewhere for everyone's free taking. Stick to 100% Free Content.

I'll be posting shortly with my finds that I found yesterday.

September 4th and 5th Great Finds

TS2 Carpet Conversions Reworked @ MTS - Better Carpets for your simmys. I think they are under CAST, I downloaded them yesterday xD. I think two are from Teen Stuff, and I don't know about the other one.

[img width=600 height=450]http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g59/charmed1406/indexphpactiondlattachtopic14264.jpg[/img]
Scooby Gang! @ GoS - By Kenji. I love them! While Fred requires a store item, I think they all have character Wink

(I mainly did this to demonstrate how the two ways could be done Wink More coming shortly!)
Wow! Those characters look exactly like they do in Scooby Doo. Amazing what people can do!

Great Find Phoebe! Wink
Thanks Wink I love them! I'm thinking about a story idea with those sims lol!
Now that would be awesome! Someone should totally make a little Sims 3 series with them. I would so watch it! XD
September 6th Finds


Suburban Living #1 - It looks like an amazing one level house. Lots of CC to be used, but its quite pretty.

Knotted Shirt - Non-replacement shirt. Its a knotted up shirt. The description said it was perfect for a cowgirl or a trip to the beach. So there you go xD

2009 Nissan 370Z - It's just an awesome car xD Like Nissans? Well, download this!

'The Persistence Of Memory' by Salvador Dali (Painting and clock)
- It's a painting, that's a clock! It was the painting by Salvidor Dali.

Semi-Layerable Earrings Set - Its a set of earrings that you can somewhat layer. Includes new earrings too, for those who hate the ones that came with the game.

The Deceased Estate - It's a house that's been decorated to make it look like it hasn't had anyone living in it for YEARS. Tons of CC for this one, but its all worth it. I'm thinking of a story idea for this house.

Clutter and more clutter by the same person - There's like spoons, ice cream tubs, remotes for the TV, etc etc. Like clutter? Check these links out.

@ Garden of Shadows

3 Square Bangles - The bangles set like the ones we have in the game, only square Wink It doesn't replace anything

Alien Eyes as Contacts - ALIEN EYES! Still a work in progress, but you can recolor them to any color, but only one channel works for recoloring. But still, better than nothing.

Other Sites

4 sets of Patterns @ Simplan. I downloaded a few of these patterns the other day. They look nice! There's a wood set, flower set (but like retro flowers, not normal flowers), black and white tile sets, and a misc set.
Tattoos- http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads...cessories/

Keep in mind that these are SIMS3PACK files, not package files.  So you need to adjust accordingly Smile
Those are actually pretty cool xD

September 10th Great Finds


Study Clutter - More clutter! Unfortunately its nonrecolorable, but its still cool!

Male Sneakers - More shoe choices for your male sims.

Bracelets - Female and male bracelets. The female ones have flowers.

Default Replacement CellPhone - Now we can have them for TS3! It's a Samsung a777, and looks pretty cool!

1950 Ford F 1 Pick-Up Truck - Awesome classic truck. Reminds me of Bella's truck, though my memory is probably is wrong.

PleasantView Recreation - That's right, someone's done it! They recreated PleasantView with TS3 Wink Found by Andrew Wink
Thanks Phoebe.

That phone is so cool. <3
Your welcome xD

September 11th Finds

Children's face skin remake @ MTS - Makes them more cute ^_^ Found by Andrew Wink
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