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Full Version: Great Finds Thread
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I got two Mr. Gnomes in one family I can't get them out of the garden. I named the Brom and Mark
XD I hate those. the mysterious gnomes right?
More Finds

Here and Here are Nintendo T-shirts for Males and Females! <3

Hair @ Newsea - It's a new Sims 3 hair that are two buns <3
I only add these truly XD

I am loving the mods, but is there any Hair sites that are awesome?!
Well, the problem with finding hairs is that the tools are still in the early stages (therefore not very user friendly), so there isn't much out there. But Savio's Stuff has a few cool hair conversions (not much, but its a work in progress), Rosesims and Peggy seem to be in the lead for how many hairs they have, not to mention how many of those are pay. Garden of Shadows also has some hair, but not a whole lot. You could also try Newsea if you can figure out how to navigate it.

Meh, unfortunately, it's going to take some searching.

...I guess this should be in the WCIF thread xDD Oh well.
Sept. 16th Finds

Rupert Grint Sim @ MTS - Just for Cassie Wink Looks a lot like him lol.
(17-09-2009 12:41 AM)Phoebe link Wrote:Sept. 16th Finds

Rupert Grint Sim @ MTS - Just for Cassie Wink Looks a lot like him lol.

Tongue I was just about to post that. It looks so much like him!
Sunrise @ MTS
i realli like this house. it requires a bit of custom content though.
enjoy.  Smile
Wow, yeah, that house is very modern ^_^

A Best Value Collection House - @ MTS. It looks really cool for a starter home. Apparently its from a collection of starter homes that are geared toward different types of families. Be sure to check it out Wink

Craftsman House - @ MTS. Its a 4 bed, 3.5 bath. Looks very pretty on the outside. There's a lot of CC though, which stinks because it looks perfect xD
Yay, more great finds ;P


Mod the Sims

Lighting Ceiling Fan by MelissaMel - A light that looks like a ceiling fan! Unfortunately, it doesn't move, but its a first step, isn't it?

Mini Fridge starter for the sims 3 by MelissaMel - Whoa, a mini fridge! How awesome! You can also place stuff on top.

Shoe Rack on 1 floor-tile (functional as dresser) by  MelissaMel - I think the title explains it all.

Girl Dress - New Mesh! by Kiara24 - Aw, a new dress for children. It looks pretty cool!

'Sunflower' Summer Dresses by Anubis360 - More dresses! This time for adults. It looks like a nice sundress as well, not too overpowering Tongue

Babydoll & Jacket Tops For Girls - New Mesh by Tantra - I'm so glad that there's more stuff for kids. This is really cute too, I imagine it'd go good with jeans.

7 Small Vases - Glass And Solid Versions by Killc*a - Who doesn't love MORE clutter? These vases have unique characteristics to them as well.

Retro and Kids Patterns and Mixed Patterns: Geometric, Glass, Glitter, Themed, Tiles, Plush, Abstract by Killc*a - I love the patterns. They seem like they would go well with a lot of things, including the vases xDD

Autumn Patterns by clauth - Perfect for cottages Wink

Around The Sims 3

Starter Kit - YESH! She finally started her objects. This is for a family tight on cash. It looks pretty good in the pictures.
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