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Full Version: What are you thinking right now?
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I want to go to Turkey, but my parents won't let me go without one of them. ):
I wish that my room would clean itself.
I want a cuddle Sad
I am gonna go turn on the bath water then play FG while I wait for it to fill up
I happy that I won an award Big Grin
(19-12-2009 05:56 PM)αнмє∂ι¢ιηє link Wrote:I happy that I won an award Big Grin
Big Grin Congrats
I should of came back like a month ago so I could be nominated XD
Haha yes you should have ;D thanks

I want to play GTA IV without it lagging on me
LOL. I would have nominated you but you weren't around :[
I think you were nominated o.o

Hoping he'd hang out with me <3
I was nominated o_O
Something about 'best profile'
or most interesting. I forgot XD
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